Oil on canvas (40 x 60cm)
Private commission
This was a commission for a very dear friend of mine, Peter Wren Howard. He is more well known for being a Glass technologist and furnace engineer based in Stourbridge, designing and building high quality equipment to enable Glass artists to make Studio Glass - Hence the nickname 'Pete the Glass'. The piece of turquoise tucked into his shirt was a gift from his daughter India, which is why he keeps it close to his heart. The light source in the portrait comes from a lamp which has been in his possession since the age of 16. The flyers pinned against the wall in the background relate to local music nights where pete has performed with his 12 string guitar. There are also a few mathematical symbols very delicately dotted around the portrait which relate to his engineering background and interest in mathematics and the sciences.
Not for Sale

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Pete the glass
Pete the glass
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