Mural Workshops

Below are the finished results from a selection of mural painting workshops i have designed, managed and completed within the local area. The workshops have involved me working with people from a variety of ages, abilities and backgrounds, and have taken place over periods of a few weeks to a few months.
If you are interested in me organising and running a mural painting workshop, please contact me via the contact page.


Kemp Hospice Mural - 'Endless Change'

A  5m long mural project working with patients who suffer from cancer and other life-threatening illnesses at Kemp Hospice in kidderminster. The theme for the mural was based around the four seasons with the inclusion of a wide variety of brightly coloured butterflies, as the butterfly is the symbol for kemp hospice. Altogether over 40 different people contributed to the mural.

Dudley Artspace Mural

A 5m long mural project carried out at Artspace in Dudley town centre, and working with the local community. I came up with the general theme for the mural, and then encouraged members of the public to come and try out various methods of painting on a large scale.

BrierleyHillness Mural
A 5m long mural project commissioned by English Heritage and painted at Brierley Hill Artspace. My brief was to work with members of the community to paint a mural which captured the spirit of Brierley Hill. I was to include representations of the buildings, places, spaces and architecture within the town, along with associated memories from local people, to create a piece of art that reflected what is distinctive, special and unique about Brierley Hill. My approach for this project was different as i was asked specifically not to create a design to begin with, but instead let the design evolve over time. The results of this approach can be seen on the mural development section of the Brierleyhillness website which can be accessed on the links page. Altogether over 50 people contributed to this mural project.

Home of Metal Mural

A 4m long mural project commissioned by Dudley Museum in association with the 'Home of Metal' festival. My brief was to work with members of the community to illustrate and represent the industry in the black country involved with mining raw materials from the ground and then creating and manufacturing industrial and artistic products from them - or as they say around here 'diggin stuff up an mekkin stuff wiyyit"

Netherton Mural

A 5m wide mural project commissioned by the Savoy centre in Netherton and in association with Artspace. My brief was to work with the local community to produce a mural that captures the spirit and history of Netherton. In this mural we can see the church with a statue of Netherton 's famous spring-jumping champion and athlete - joe darby. Next to it we have the well known Netherton canal tunnel nearly 2 miles in length with the pumping station above, and a scene from the legendary local ale house Ma Pardoe's. Finally we finish with a piece of Netherton's industrial heritage - the Titanic anchor sitting in front of the Arts centre.  The final piece was split into 4 sections as photographed, and installed around the stairwell in the Savoy centre in Netherton.


Dudley Mural

A 5m long mural workshop project carried out at Artspace in Dudley town centre. My brief was to work with members of the local community of all ages, abilities and backgrounds,  and create a large piece of artwork that captured the history and culture of Dudley. In this mural we can see Dudley zoo and castle, top church surrounded by more modern buildings including the new college, a street scene from the black country living museum and a statue of Dudley's most famous footballer - Duncan Edwards.