The SYR Mural

Commissioned by Scott Young to run the length of the Exhibition hall in the Global headquarters of
Scott Young Research Ltd, a Multinational company leading the field with cleaning systems.
 The brief was to create a work of art giving the viewer an insight into some of the ways in which
 nature helps to clean itself. The Mural is 21m in length by 2.2m high, and was completed by myself
 in just 39 days over a period of 10 weeks.


To begin with the idea was to illustrate how tiny and fragile the planet Earth is within our own solar system,
before moving on to an aerial view of our water systems which help to cleanse and breathe life into our planet.
 After a dramatic example of water in action in the form of a waterfall, we move onto the rainforest where
the trees produce oxygen and help clean the atmosphere. If you look carefully, you will find the funghi which
help to recycle organic matter and feed the nutrients back into the trees.


Finally we move onto the plains of Africa where an elephant carcass is being torn torn apart by hyenas and vultures.
A close-up of the elephants leg reveals the activity of the insect world also feeding on the carcass, or involved with it's recycling. The microscopic bacteria highlighted within the blue circle are the final stage in this depiction of how nature manages it's own 'clean-up' operation of planet Earth.

 Arthur the fisherman

This is a 4ft x 4ft mural commissioned by the 'Podge & Tin' Eatery in Cannock. 
They asked for a large portrait of an old fisherman who looks like he has spent most of his life at sea.
This commission was completed in one and a half days.

The Stables Tea Rooms
This 9ft x 4ft mural was for a Tea rooms in six ashes near Bridgnorth. The idea was to incorporate
 the daily life and surrounding countryside around the converted stables and yard.
We have Little Richard the racehorse leaning in from the left hand side, and jay-jay the border collie
 looking in on the right. You can see the owners of the tea room Lisa & Mark Wellings
 galloping on horseback, and their son Thomas is on his quad bike chasing a pheasant,
 and himself being chased by Red-dog.


Woodland Garden Mural
The Brief for this commission was to paint a woodland scene with some bluebells, 
Grasses & ferns, and a path leading out of the woods onto a meadow.
We also wanted to create a feeling of depth, as if you could walk out into the scene.
The owner of the mural has now planted a grass path leading onto the path in the mural,
and planted bluebells and ferns in the foreground border to blend in with the mural.
This was a very enjoyable mural to paint because i was asked to keep the style
 'loose and painterly', which worked brilliantly for this design.