Painting repair and restoration


 I also offer a service for repairing and retouching paintings including rips, holes and other damage. The colour, style and brushmarks will be matched in a similar medium for retouching repaired areas.


Client statement

"This painting captured me from the beginning! Iím the first to admit that its odd, even strange, but something about it made me want to own it! The big issue on first seeing it was the extent of the damage. The painting had obviously been stored very badly and over the years damp had got behind the paintwork resulting in a massive area of paint loss and damage.

Before the auction I was introduced to DJ by a mutual friend who told me if anyone could sort this out, DJ could! On meeting DJ I was immediately assured that the salvage of this work was possible. After much head scratching, talking and consideration I decided to go for it! I felt it was a gamble worth taking.

DJís approach to the restoration was calm and considered and I felt completely confident in his abilities. My plan from the outset was to leave him to it! Thereís nothing worse than a pushy client and my view from the beginning was if it worked then fantastic, if it failed, well we tried!

The result was better than I could have ever imagined! The areas of damage had been stabilised and the areas of loss invisibly replaced. Anyone seeing this painting for the first time would never guess the extent of the issues we faced on buying the painting. 

DJís work is outstanding and my gamble together with his talent have saved a painting which may have otherwise been lost for ever!"

 Will Farmer


Fieldings Auctioneers Ltd